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The Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Liquid Lotion is a must-have for brides looking to achieve radiant and flawless skin before their wedding. It's truly my "secret sauce" to create a smooth and even canvas, allowing makeup to adhere better and last longer. 

The 7 types of hyaluronic acid in this liquid lotion work together to provide deep and intense hydration to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to retain moisture, and this product takes it to the next level. Brides often experience stress and fatigue leading up to their big day, and this product helps combat any dryness and dehydration, leaving the skin plump and radiant. 


Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré: An irreplaceable staple in my makeup kit. This multi-tasking gem does it all - from providing essential hydration to perfecting makeup application. It's the secret to achieving a flawless, long-lasting look, making it an absolute must-have for every makeup artist and beauty enthusiast. Don't step into the world of makeup without it!


Need to share this skincare gem! The Goop Beauty Nutrient Face Oil, tailor-made for us dry skin girlies. I use this on my "no makeup" days to keep my skin feeling fresh and ready for those glam days!

This face oil gives the hydration and radiance your skin craves. With a blend of Bakuchiol, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C, it not only combats the signs of aging but also replenishes moisture, leaving your skin soft and supple. What's more, it's silicone and paraben-free, ensuring it's gentle on even the most sensitive skin. I highly recommend the Goop Beauty Nutrient Face Oil to help you achieve that coveted radiant complexion. Your skin will thank you!


Revamp your skincare routine with Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C & Turmeric Face Oil. It's like a much-needed boost for your skin – my skin drinks it up! Enriched with Vitamin C and turmeric, it's your secret to a vibrant complexion. It's like a magic potion that not only brightens and evens your skin but also adds a natural glow. Those everyday skin woes? Consider them handled, from dullness to those subtle signs of aging. I use it before sunscreen on my "clean girl makeup" days. To unlock your skin's radiance and maintain a healthy complexion, make Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow a non-negotiable part of your daily skincare routine. Your skin will thank you!


A 3-in-1 serum of clean, kind-to-skin ingredients that gently smooths with lactic acid in Hadasei-3™, plumps with hyaluronic acid, and locks in moisture with squalane for smoother, plumper, dewier skin. Gently resurfaces, and as dead skin cells are washed away, the serum replenishes with two substances native from birth—plumping hyaluronic acid and moisture-locking squalane.


Tatcha's Dewy Skin Cream is a rich anti-aging moisturizer that feeds skin with plumping hydration and antioxidant-packed Japanese purple rice for a dewy, healthy glow. Ideal for dry skin, but can be used on normal skin for those who prefer a richer texture. This cream intensely hydrates and seals in moisture, helping to replenish ceramides for a healthy bounce and instant luminosity. A fermentation of Japanese superfoods, green tea, rice, and algae, helps skin to look its most beautiful at any age.


EltaMD UV Daily Tinted Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide, SPF 40 isn't just another sunscreen—it's a pre-glam game-changer. My good friend working in a dermatology clinic recommended this to me, and as a makeup artist, I have to say it's a game-changer. This sunscreen-moisturizer hybrid not only provides essential sun protection but also offers hydration, and it's even designed to help reduce wrinkles. It's become my go-to because it never pills on me, and it sets seamlessly under makeup, something many other products just can't deliver. EltaMD has created a true gem that combines sun protection, skin nourishment, and age-defying benefits, making it a must for everyone, especially those of us in the makeup industry. Your skin and makeup routine will love is my favorite for days I go without glam!


This velvety priming balm is pressed silk that shields skin helps makeup apply better and last longer. Glide the spatula lightly across the top of balm. Warm up product in your hands and massage into skin. A little goes a long way & can be used alone or with makeup. Apply after SPF, before any makeup. Great to use on your face, eyes and lips!


A gently effective, cream cleanser that washes away impurities without stripping skin, leaving your complexion softer and more luminous. Unlike most pH-neutral cleansers, this formula foams into a creamy lather, leaving skin silky, smooth, and well-moisturized. This key ingredient also helps to balance the pH-level of the skin, which helps the skin function properly.



The AOA Studio Collection Makeup Sponge Set is an absolute game-changer in the world of makeup application. This set of six latex-free, high-definition sponges is a versatile powerhouse, suitable for use with powder, cream, and liquid products! Their super-soft texture feels luxurious on the skin, making makeup application a breeze. Whether you're a professional artist or a beauty enthusiast, these sponges are a must-have to a flawless finish, ensuring your makeup looks its best. Achieve a high-definition, professional look without breaking the bank with these blenders.


The Pimoys 6-Piece Powder Puff Face Soft Triangle and Velour Makeup Blending Sponges Set is key to precise powder application and a seamless base foundation. These soft, easy-to-use sponges are essential beauty blender tools, elevating your makeup routine to achieve a professional, flawless finish. You won't see me glamming without one!


I always complete the glam with 2 products..

1. Charlotte Tilbury, Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray:

2. One size, On Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray:

Essentially, a setting spray binds and melts the layers of makeup to marry the products together. While a fixing spray, because of its ingredients, is used to help the longevity of your makeup.



The Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray 6 is your key to increased texture and fullness, perfect for all hair types. With its ultra-lightweight, non-drying formulation, it not only adds that texture but also absorbs oils and impurities, leaving your hair perfectly fluffed for your special day.


The Puff Me Texturizing powder from Design Me is my #1 go-to for adding volume and texture to my hair. 


The Samnyte Hair Wax Stick is a must have product to create sleek buns and tame flyaways. 


COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray - Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free and Shiny No Matter the Weather with Award-Winning Anti-Frizz Spray


Tame the frizz and keep your bridal hair smooth and stunning with this exceptional anti-humidity spray from Amika. Say goodbye to unruly hair on your special day and embrace the magic of frizz-free perfection.


I use this on just about every single client to prep & finish the style! This hairspray is perfect for holding hairstyles in place and also doubles as a thermal protectant. 


This hairspray is another great option for holding hairstyles in place and also acts as a heat protectant. 


When it comes to creating elegant updos and securing your bridal hairstyle with grace, the Frenchies Ultra Flocked Extra Soft French Twist Hair Pins are an absolute must-have. The soft velvet texture enhances their grip on your hair, making them superior to regular pins. 


The non-slip duck-billed clips by AIMIKE, come with silicone bands & are ideal for hairstylists, brides, and anyone looking for salon-quality results at home. Perfect for sectioning and styling, they ensure your hair remains secure and in place, making your bridal hair preparation a breeze. Plus, they contribute to the longevity and bounce in your curls, ensuring your hairstyle stays perfect from "I do" to the last dance.


Hair rollers are a fantastic addition to your hairstyling routine. Not only do they allow you to heat-style your hair to create beautiful curls, but they also help set those curls for lasting volume, bounce, and longevity


The Topsy Turvy Tail tool is a handy accessory for achieving unique and creative hairstyles. It allows you to easily twist and turn sections of your hair, creating intricate and eye-catching looks. Whether you're going for a chic twist or a playful topsy-turvy braid, this tool adds texture to your hairstyling.

HAIR CURLER, 1" & 1.25"

The Bio Ionic Long Barrel Styler, 1.25 inches is my favorite hot tool for those with both short & long hair. Whether you want sleek and straight or voluminous curls, this styler is your key to achieving salon-worthy results with ease. Not only does the extended barrel length accommodate any length of hair, but it also makes it so easy to hold & manipulate..making styling a breeze. Elevate your long hair game with the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Styler and enjoy stunning, long-lasting results!

1" Long Barrel (great for wrapping around barrel):

1.25" Long Barrel (perfect sized, natural curls):

HAIR CURLER, 1.5" (blowout-style curls)

The 1.5-inch barrel is your perfect tool for creating those effortlessly chic and natural loose curls. It's like your personal stylist for a blowout-style look, adding volume and a touch of elegance to your hair. The larger barrel size is designed to give your curls room to breathe, resulting in soft, cascading waves that look and feel entirely natural. With this tool, achieving that breezy, salon-worthy blowout style with loose curls has never been easier. Set your curls with hair rollers to achieve that effortlessly beautiful, tousled hair.

1.5" Long Barrel (loose, blowout-style curls):

Harness the full potential of the products you with a beauty expert to help guide you in product selection and teach you the best techniques for application. 

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